Billboard. OOH. Print. Radio.

AMTRAK Cascades. Eric Cooley, copywriter.
Awarded a GOLD at the 2011 Seattle ADDY event (OOH/Billboard).

HAMM'S Beer "HAMMStream Tuesdays" promo. A weekly event at local taverns and bars. $1.57 cans of Hamms, a Hamms lounge, ping pong tables,old school trucker music, and limited edition Hamm's "1957 throwback" cans exclusive to the event. Eric Cooley, copywriter.

HAMMS Beer. The ol' bear is gone, he's locked away in an FTC prison along with his colleagues Spudz Mackenzie and Joe Camel . It's time for Hamm's to make a comeback. Hamms targets the blue-collar beer market. Move over PBR. Gimme Hamm's. Eric Cooley, copywriter | Andrew Durr, art direction.

HAMMS Beer. Traditional print campaign boosted with a "Hammstream Trailer" promotion. Intended to serve as the antithesis to the micro-brew set. Though sadly long-detached from its "from the land of sky blue waters" and cartoon bear glory days, it won't be long until Hamms dislodges PBR as quasi blue-collar beer of choice. Gimme Hamm's. Eric Cooley, copywriter | Andrew Durr, art direction.

KINDLE 2. Eric Cooley, copywriter | Benjamon Gadbaw, designer.

SEATTLE ROCK 'N' ROLL MARATHON 0:30 radio spot. 2010 Seattle ADDY award (Silver). Eric Cooley, copywriter, producer | David Goldfarb, voice | Steve Kim, engineer.
*The 30-second audio file is available on request—email me at and I'll send you the file.

Amtrak, Hamms, Kindle2, Rock’n’Roll Marathon series.

The best of Eric’s out of home, non-traditional, guerilla, promotional stunts.