Traditional OG ads

AMTRAK Cascades. Eric Cooley, copywriter.
Awarded a GOLD at the 2011 Seattle ADDY event (OOH/Billboard).

HAMM'S Beer "HAMMStream Tuesdays" promo. A weekly event at local taverns and bars. $1.57 cans of Hamms, a Hamms lounge, ping pong tables,old school trucker music, and limited edition Hamm's "1957 throwback" cans exclusive to the event. Eric Cooley, copywriter.

HAMMS Beer. Traditional print campaign boosted with a "Hammstream Trailer" promotion. Intended to serve as the antithesis to the micro-brew set. Though sadly long-detached from its "from the land of sky blue waters" and cartoon bear glory days, it won't be long until Hamms dislodges PBR as quasi blue-collar beer of choice. Gimme Hamm's. Eric Cooley, copywriter | Andrew Durr, art direction.

KINDLE 2. Eric Cooley, copywriter | Benjamon Gadbaw, designer.

SEATTLE ROCK 'N' ROLL MARATHON 0:30 radio spot. 2010 Seattle ADDY award (Silver). Eric Cooley, copywriter, producer | David Goldfarb, voice | Steve Kim, engineer.
*The 30-second audio file is available on request—email me at and I'll send you the file.

Amtrak, Hamms, Kindle2, Rock’n’Roll Marathon series.

The best of Eric’s out of home, non-traditional, guerilla, promotional stunts.